Pleasure Trout by Gloria Mindock Muddy River Books, 2013

Pleasure Trout by Gloria Mindock

Gloria Mindock is founding editor of Cervena Barva Press, editor of the Istanbul Literary Review based in Istanbul, Turkey, and one of the USA editors for Levure Littéraire in France. She is the author of La Portile Raiului (Ars Longa Press, 2010, Romania) translated into the Romanian by Flavia Cosma, Nothing Divine Here (U Šoku Štampa, 2010, Montenegro), and Blood Soaked Dresses (Ibbetson, 2007). Gloria's poetry has been translated and published into the Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, and French.

Widely published, her work has appeared in Murmur of Voices, Vatra Veche, UNU: Revista de Cultura, and Citadela in Romania. Other literary journal publications include: Arabesques, Poesia, Phoebe, Poet Lore, Blackbox, River Styx, Bogg, Ibbetson St., WHLR, Web Del Sol, Lost in Thought, and in the anthology Hildagards Daughters (Belgium). Her flash fiction has recently been published in Thrice and Thunderclap. She has work forthcoming in Bliss.

Gloria has had nominations for the Pushcart Prize, St. Butolph Award and was awarded a fellowship from the Somerville Arts Council. She was co-founder of Theatre S & S. Press, Inc. and was one of the founding editors of the Boston Literary Review/BLuR from 1984-1994. Theatre S. received grants from the Polaroid Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Globe Foundation, NEFA, Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the Somerville Arts Council.

Gloria works as a social worker and freelances teaching workshops. She facilitates events in her Cervena Barva Press studio, located in the Center for the Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA.


The poems in this chapbook are all mistranslations taken from poems in languages unknown to me. Sometimes a foreign word would remind me of a word in English. I wrote what I thought the poems were saying knowing that I was wrong in my interpretation. The whole purpose was to write as quickly as I could while looking at the foreign language. I mostly used poems written in Romanian, Serbian, Italian, Spanish and Polish. This is one of my favorite ways to write. This is a work of fiction. Don't try to understand what is written here. Just enjoy the nonsense.

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Oh Angel by Gloria Mindock

Oh Angel by Gloria Mindock

"If you don't believe in angels, this compelling collection of poems about them might give you pause for thought. Among the kinds of angels Gloria Mindock addresses are male and female, guardian, loyal, and fallen angels, even a vacationing angel. As in the title poem, which opens the book, she often exclaims, "Oh angel," in conjecture, disappointment, pique, passion, or some other emotion. Angels dominate her consciousness, her moods, her actions. For instance, "Wild" begins, "Oh angel, at dawn, / I get up and sit in the nicest room," and in "Guardian Angel Sits on Left" she says, "The angel is curled against / me . . . / She protects me." But by the end of the poem, "The angel went on to / guard another." Though desirable, angels can sometimes be disloyal, like people. In "Wings" the speaker chides a traitor angel and then reproaches a lover who has deserted her: "Oh Herman-stupid man / Prodigies won't help / Poetry is necessary / just like me." This passage recalls Wallace Stevens' "necessary angel," his name for the imagination, whose necessary product is poetry. Stupid Herman "jumped out too soon," leaving the speaker at first bereft but then with a new subject for a poem, a new sense of worth. Oh Gloria, what else are lovers and angels for?"
-George Held

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